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Klyph Notes

DJ Klyph is a staple of the Portland scene consistently providing support to the local Hip-Hop community through radio and live events. With the Klyph Notes podcast he extends that support bringing listeners in depth interviews and behind the scenes content featuring artists, difference makers and individuals from all over the world making a positive impact on their communities.

Klyph Notes is supported by Akepele - Apparel for the music lifestyle.

Feb 11, 2018

He's a fixture of the Portland hip hop scene. A member of too many crews to list here (seriously). One of the most technically skilled DJs, but also a producer and engineer. He's toured with Sleep of Oldominion, The Chicharrones, Aesop Rock, XP, Macklemore and Homeboy Sandman. He shares so much of Portland hip hop history on this episode of Klyph Notes with DJ Zone!