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Klyph Notes

DJ Klyph is a staple of the Portland scene consistently providing support to the local Hip-Hop community through radio and live events. With the Klyph Notes podcast he extends that support bringing listeners in depth interviews and behind the scenes content featuring artists, difference makers and individuals from all over the world making a positive impact on their communities.

Klyph Notes is supported by Akepele - Apparel for the music lifestyle.

Dec 22, 2020

Members of the Grand Nationxl collective continue to release great music and these 3 individuals created a project that is once again calls back to one of the greatest times in hip hop history. A foundation of lyricism and style over great production is what the self titled project presents. Hear the story of how the crew came together and built into the greater collective with my guests family Mani Draper, Brookfield Duece and DJ D-Dharp. It's Eastshore Highway on this hilarious episode #110 of the Klyph Notes podcast.